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On December 5, 2013 Marina Slavin, my friend's sister and one of the best people in the world, died spontaneously. In the year since, her sister's and friends put together this beautiful and heartfelt video to remember her, which I did musical composition work for.

Recently I've had the chance to work with some great vocalists, as part of my musical project/thing Robot's Heart. Here is our slightly heavier cover of the Mass Effect inspired song Reignite, by Malukah.

Slightly extended version of the soundtrack I put together for my VFX demo reel.

A short soundtrack I put together for my animation demo reel.

Part of the soundtrack for the student film Serenity, directed by Eileen Slavin. This was one of the first times I've had to attempt actually emotional music, instead of just crazy action-y stuff.

Compilation of some of the accents from the short film End of the Line, directed by Christian Williams. I never realize how short the musical segments are until I try to combine them into a single piece.

Medley from the 48 Hour Film Project Fictional Dreams, directed by Christian Williams. I may have relied a bit too heavily on my orchestral samples in this, but when you need to create a medieval themed film score in short time you do what you have to.

This is my own project. I decided to make an attempt at a symphonic metal track, which gave me a chance to work with more live instruments and vocals than I usually get to with the soundtracks. It's still somewhat of a draft version, but I have fun with it. Lead vocals by my friend Lindsay Palmer.