Exploring the Unknown Ocean is a film developed for NOAA's Science on a Sphere exhibits, showcasing the tools that scientists use to explore the deep ocean. The sphere is a six foot diameter digital globe, lit by four projectors. It can show spherical video or interactive datasets.

Honestly this was one of the coolest animation jobs I've ever had the chance to work on. The spherical display presents a lot of challenges for tools that expect flat rectangles, but also presents so many new ways for the imagery to interact with the audience.

Dataset available at: sos.noaa.gov/datasets/exploring-the-unknown-ocean

Produced by The Inner Space Center
In Partnership with 42° North Media,
NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
Funding Provided by National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
Editor Alex DeCiccio
Animation Tim Burbank
Music Robert Neufeld
Narration Drew Patterson
Special Thanks Walter Smith
David Sandwell
Allan Adams
Mashkoor Malik
Jesse Varner
Nicole Raineault
NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
Ocean Exploration Trust
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution