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Animation, Compositing

Created for Mystic Aquarium as part of a live sea lion show.

Voice over provided by Mystic Aquarium, Modeling by Tyler Thursby

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California Sea Lions screenshot
July 2014
California Sea Lions

Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Compositing

Animation created for Mystic Aquarium, showing the location of emergency exits in their Marine Theater

Voice over provided by Mystic Aquarium

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Marine Theater Exits screenshot
March 2014
Marine Theater Exits

Texturing, Animation, Simulation, Compositing

Created for Mystic Aquarium to show the capabilities of the recently installed multibeam sonar mapping system on the E/V Nautilus.

Ship model created by Tyler Thursby.

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E/V Nautilus Multibeam Mapping screenshot
November 2013
E/V Nautilus Multibeam Mapping
Informational Animation for Mystic Aquarium

Director of Photography, VFX, Composer

Chased by a mysterious man, Scott must face a truth more terrifying than his worst nightmares.

With this film Eileen and I were trying to use visual effects and high energy sequences to tell a relatively mundane and emotional story.

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Serenity screenshot
October 2013
Student Film directed by Eileen Slavin

Editor, Graphic Artist, Composer

A single-dad plumber gains unwanted fame from a series of murders inspired by a novel he wrote years ago.

Created for the 2012 48 Hour Film Project in Providence RI.

  • Genre - Thriller/Suspense
  • Prop - Book
  • Line - "I wish I knew."
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Murder on Monday screenshot
July 2013
Murder on Monday
48 Hour Film directed by Kody Fraser

Assistant Director, Gaffer, VFX, Composer

A science fiction story about a small group of scavengers running from their enemies as civilization is breaking apart.

This film needed to be produced on an efficient schedule. Production took place over two nights, and I collaborated online with Christian over one weekend to create the bulk of the VFX and music.

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End of the Line screenshot
January 2013
End of the Line
Student Film directed by Christian Williams

Writer, Director of Photography, Editor, Voice Actor

What remains when you're gone? Is everything in vain?

This was where I learned the excitement of shooting on film, working with cameras that had been unused for years, and 20 year old film stock. When we got our footage back incoherent with no time to reshoot we had to get creative about re-piecing it together into a coherent story. This is what happened.

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On Film screenshot
January 2013
On Film
Student Film directed by Kyle Calise


The greatest debate for any filmmaker (in a story with nothing about film). Do you try to do something practical with your life or follow your dreams?

Created for the 2012 48 Hour Film Project in Providence RI.

  • Genre - Family Film
  • Prop - Auto Part
  • Line - "We need to get going."
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Fictional Dreams screenshot
July 2012
Fictional Dreams
48 Hour Film directed by Christian Williams

Assistant Director, Editor, Graphics, Composer

Minutes before closing, an incident at a country store escalates VERY quickly.

Shot on an iPhone 4s to experiment with the capabilities of smart phones for narrative filmmaking. While not the camera I'd recommend, it is entirely possible to shoot a film on an iPhone, which is pretty cool.

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Closing Time screenshot
December 2011
Closing Time
Student iPhone Film directed by Sarah Freeman