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Web Design & Development

I'm always looking for excuses to learn new techniques, but my current weapons of choice are:


Company website for a Rhode Island based projection mapping company.


  • Mobile friendly adaptive layout
  • Full-window photo viewer with descriptive URLs
Green Eating Banner

Built for the University of Rhode Island's Nutrition Department, the Green Eating Project teaches students about environmentally friendly eating habits.


  • Educate and engage students on the evnironmental effects of food, through both written and multimedia material and interactive quizzes
  • Record student progress and responses
  • Control access of user groups to specific sections of the site through user login
  • Retrieve student data formatted for statistical analysis

Used as a showcase for the work I do, this site also serves as my sandbox for experimenting with new techniques.

Current Features:

  • Dynamically loading content through AJAX to speed up initial page load times
  • JQuery based animation for smoother interface
  • Reliable fallback for non-JavaScript enabled browsers
  • MySQL database and custom CMS for frequently updated content