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Ahoy! I am Tim Burbank, and my goal is to make things look awesome. I take a multi-faceted approach to digital media, including video, computer graphics, and web development, always looking for ways to push both my own abilities and the capabilities of the medium.

Recent Excitement

I am now working full time as the post production supervisor for Ocean Exploration Trust

This Summer I'll be moving to Rhode Island to do live production work for Ocean Exploration Trust, which is all kinds of exciting. I miss it there.


I've been spending a lot of time recently learning to sysadmin better, and just launched code.timburbank.com to host some of my development projects.

I also moved goblin.timburbank.com to a new server setup where I can monitor it's resources more easily and everything is served over https.

I got my own MediaGoblin server up and running!

This summer I'm interning on Wires for Empathy, an animated short based on the Epic of Gilgamesh. It's a super cool project, and I'm really excited.

Here's the music video for Reignite that I did with my musical project/thing, Robot's Heart.

On December 5, 2013 Marina Slavin, my friend's sister and one of the best people in the world, died spontaneously. In the year since, her sister's and friends put together this beautiful and heartfelt video to remember her, which I did musical composition work for.

Serenity, the film project I worked on my senior year in college, is now online!

Spent the weekend back in Rhode Island with a great cast and crew, shooting Eileen Slavin's short film Guardian Angel.

Helped out on a shoot at the UMass campus with 50stories. It was a great chance to be able to see how other people work.

Just finished some masking and stylized blood splatters for Providence Projection's work on a production of Macbeth.

The Providence Projections website is now online.

The website has just completed a series of redesigns and updates, including two new demo reels on the Video page.

Successfully ran video projection for a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar with the Rhode Island based projection mapping group Providence Projections.

Serenity, the short film I worked on for the past year, has officially been completed in all it's emotional, VFX fueled, glory. We're currently throwing it at festivals (because that's what all the cool kids do) before releasing it to the wild internet.

Last July I worked on a 48 hour film project, Murder on Monday, which is now on my Video page.

Music from Serenity has been added to the music page. The film itself will be up soon...ish.

The film I worked on my final semester at school, Serenity, screened on campus last Friday. We also have an offical looking poster for it.

Website is live! Yay!


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Current Projects

Robot's Heart

(Composer, Musician)

Ongoing musical project/thing, where I get to work with some great vocalists on covers and original songs.